Count-Air Connections


1 Way System
Twin Tube System
Point To Point
Semi Automatic System
Fully Automatic


1-Way System
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Who Might Use This Type of Pneumatic Tube System:
Hospitals, Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities, Banks, Retail/Wholesale Stores, Cinemas, Car Dealerships, Distribution & Warehouse Facilities, Government & Public Safety Institutions

Materials that can be transported:
Documents, paperwork, cash-valuables handling, hospital lab and pharmaceuticals, test samples, small & delicate parts handling

Pneumatic Tube System Description:
A "single" pneumatic tube or air tube line is used to typically "send" cash, paperwork, samples or materials from one location to another. 1- Way pneumatic tube or air tube systems can be easily upgraded or expanded into a Two-Way, semi automatic or fully automatic configuration. 2013
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