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1 Way System
Twin Tube System
Point To Point
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Pneumatic Air Tube Systems
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With our Air Tube Transfer System you get a Fast, Economical, Secure System. Cash is transported in seconds from the busy customer area to the cashier office. Money is then automatically deposited into a Graded Cash Safe.


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Helps reduce staffing costs by eliminating manual cash collections

Minimizes the threat of robbery in today's society

Eliminates worry of employees moving large sums of money

Safer Working Conditions
Creates a safer environment for staff and customers

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Types Of Pneumatic Air Tube Systems We Provide

1 Way

1-Way System

Provides volume sending only from one location to another

Twin Tube

Twin Tube

Provides volume sending & receiving from one location to another

Point to Pont


Provides volume sending & receiving from one location to another

Semi Automatic


Multiple locations are able to send and receive upon demand to a central location

Fully Automatic


Multiple locations are able to send and receive to each other

Safe Retailing have a variety of systems for the removal of cash and valuable goods from vulnerable areas to a secure location in a rapid and direct way.  Whether a simple point-to-point system or a computer controlled system, Safe Retailing Ltd has and will, provide the total solution.  Cash, document, or samples, we can TAKE IT FROM HERE TO THERE  -  " Just Like that"!

Safe Retailing Ltd offers a variety of systems to fill the numerous needs of our clients and we are always able to find a solution to your internal logistics problem. 2013
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