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For maximum protection of cash and valuables, the Chubb safes range of graded safes protect like no other. Designed and manufactured using Chubb safes special concrete formula customers who have experienced an attack know of the benefits of buying from Chubb safes.  The Research Department has generated some revolutionary barrier material and methods of construction to augment the Chubb safes.  For burglary and fire protection rigorous tests are carried out to ensure they are the best in their class.

Chubb Safes

For protection of document, cash and valuables. £4,000 cash rating £40,000 valuables and 30 minute fire protection.

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Chubb Safes

Euro safe Grade 0 £6,000 insurance cash rating (£60,000 for material contents)

6 sizes available


High fire resistance

Home & Office use

Key & Electronic locking options

Deposit safes available

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Grade 0 Cubb Safe

Looking for a high specification safe to provide a cash rating of up to £10,000.   Constructed from the highest specification materials, its features combine to provide the greatest protection against burglary attack.

One of the range's most prominent features, is that the Sovereign can be customised with fittings such as deposit facilities, shelves and lockable drawers, thus allowing the Sovereign to meet specific customer needs.  All in all, the Sovereign is another fine example of Chubb Safes implementing quality and reliability within its products

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Grade 2 £17,500

A new revolutionary lightweight barrier material combined with our traditional construction methods provide a safe range which has been expertly designed to ensure you have the best protection for your valuables.

  • Cash Rating £17500
  • Valuable rating £175000
  • Certified by ECB.S and tested to EN1143-1
  • Our Grade 2 has gained the NT 017 standard and offers 60 minutes of fire protection
  • High security double bitted key lock
  • Passive and active re lockers are incorporated into the bolt work to resist attack.
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Grade 3 Chubb Safe

The Chubb Sovereign Grade 3 is suitable for commercial and domestic risks and has an overnight cash cover of £35,000. Construction embodies high-grade approved barrier materials providing resistance in excess of the test criteria.  The safe as supplied is standard base fix. The bolt work arrangement is three-way moving with fixed rear dog bolts. Grade 3 is offered as a single double-bitted key lock with the facility for dual locking if specified, key locks supplied with two keys, live relocking is fitted as standard.

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Grade 4 Chubb Safes

Joint less barrier materials for greater protection against attack. £60,000 (Euro Grade 4) cash rating. 145mm overall door thickness. 32mm moving bolts engage from 3 sides of the door. Certified by LPCB (England), VdS (Germany) and CNPP (France). Anchoring hole in base. Live relocking mechanisms offer protection against sophisticated attacks including the use of explosives. Optional combination and electronic locks available.

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Grade 6
Jointless barrier materials for greater protection against attack. GBP100,000 (Euro Grade 5) cash rating.   145mm overall door thickness.  32mm moving bolts engage from 3 sides of the door.  Certified by LPCB (England), VdS (Germany) and CNPP (France).  Anchoring hole in base.  Live relocking mechanisms offer protection against sophisticated attacks including the use of explosives.  Optional combination and electronic locks available


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Grade 6
£150,000 Cash Rating
Grade 6 safes offer recommended overnight cash holding of up to £150,000 and are certified to European standard EN1143-1, safe is secured by 1 key lock supplied with 2 keys and 1 Mechanical Combination Lock as standard, other locking options include mechanical and electronic combination locks incorporating features such as multiple user codes, time delay, time lock or audit trail are available as optional extras
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